Announcement: Wuxi Griffin completes strategic investment in new QC Lab and Storage facility

To strengthen its position as a leading international CMO in China, Wuxi Griffin has established a new QC Lab and storage facility. As a result, Wuxi Griffin is in a better position to meet the needs and requirements from customers. In addition, it is also a decision to keep modernize and advance Wuxi Griffin as it moves forward. 

The new QC lab is a fully equipped microbiology and analytical testing lab for bulk and final product testing. Furthermore, the final sterility testing, one of the most critical testing, is done in Isolator. Thus ensuring the continuous excellent service Wuxi Griffin will be able to offer its clients.

The new storage facility offers a dry and clean storage that can fit 72 pallets. The warehouse has class C sampling room with laminar flow bench sampling area to accommodate the needs for sampling environment.

Several storage conditions are available:

  • room temperate for normal storage conditions with temperatures around the range of 20° to 25°C (68 – 77°F)
  • cold storage with temperature range between 8 to 15°C (46.4 – 59°F)
  • frozen storage at -80°C (equivalent to -112°F)

Torgny Lundgren, CEO of Wuxi Griffin explains: “These strategic investments demonstrates above all Wuxi Griffin’s commitment to its CMO business. By investing in business growth and advancements, Wuxi Griffin is able to attract and foster new talents. This is essential for the future development of Wuxi Griffin. Moreover, offering the right strategic capabilities and services, will most importantly lead to continued growth. Being at the forefront of the growth in this industry and region, is important to us. This will also benefit the final consumers and patients who will have access to safe and available injectables”.

Wuxi Griffin storage facility QC lab cmo fill finish

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