Aseptic Fill and Finish

The fill and finish process is essential in any biopharmaceutical  manufacturing filling project. In other words, this is where the value but also the risk for the product is very high. At Wuxi Griffin we understand this and therefore consider this in all aspects of our aseptic fill and finish contract manufacturing procedures. Similarly, with our management’s extensive experience in implementing GMP compliance, we guarantee that our products will meet regulatory GMP regulations. More information about our compliance to global GMP regulations is found here. In addition, find out more about the advantages Wuxi Griffin offers here.

In our 2550m2 / 27450 sqft GMP compliant facility for fill & finish we are able to offer great flexibility in our manufacturing. For instance, we offer fill and finish manufacturing from your clinical trials to commercial scale up with filling in vials or ampoules. Our batch sizes range from 2 to 150 liters and future 500 liters.

Moreover, at Wuxi Griffin we offer complete sterile fill and finish for liquid products in vials using isolator technology. In addition, we offer fill and finish for liquid ampoules using RABS with terminal sterilization. 

Wuxi Griffin aseptic fill and finish capabilities

*Based on smallest vial/ampoule size


Aseptic Fill & Finish Contract Manufacturing – what Wuxi Griffin offers

  • Three filling suites
    • two aseptic
    • one terminal sterilization by superheated water
  • Flexible filling volume
  • Batch sizes ranging from 120 – 10000 vials
  • Batch sizes ranging up to 75000 ampoules
  • Manual secondary packaging
  • Transparency and traceability
  • High flexibility

Visual Inspection

We carry out a 100% visual inspection process on each of our final vials and ampoules. Those that do not meet specifications are rejected. Our inspections are carried out manually and most importantly follow a comprehensive and well-established procedure. In short, visual inspections serve as a vital step in assuring the safety of the filled product.