Wuxi Griffin in conjunction with Wuxi Fortune, is actively seeking to expand the product portfolio in all therapy areas. Our business development activities focus on pharmaceutical drugs that have completed clinical trials and are ready-to-be commercialized. Innovative pharmaceutical products in Phase 1-3 would however also be considered. NOTE that for pharmaceutical drugs to be sold in China, there is a requirement to include Chinese patients in your clinical trials.

The group is interested in partnering with pharmaceutical companies that have pharmaceutical drugs that have never been sold in China, but wanting to enter the Chinese market. In addition, opportunities with Western pharmaceutical companies with no sales or manufacturing in China but wanting to enter the Chinese market are of interest.

In-licensing opportunities as well as acquisition of individual products or product portfolios are part of our business development strategy. To date, we have successfully completed more than 50 in-licensing opportunities of pharmaceutical drugs. Furthermore, the group is looking to become a Marketing Authorisation Holder (MAH) with the aim to enter and sell pharmaceutical drugs in Europe.

Additionally, the group is seeking business opportunities in terms of merger and aquisition or  equity participation of small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies.

Please contact the Wuxi Griffin team at info@wuxigriffin.com if you have any partnering opportunities you would like to discuss with us.