Partnering and licensing opportunities

Wuxi Griffin in conjunction with Wuxi Fortune are looking for different partnering opportunities. We are expanding our product portfolio in all therapy areas. Our focus is on pharmaceutical drugs that are ready for commercialization. However, innovative pharmaceutical products in Phase 1-3 is also of interest. NOTE to sell pharmaceutical drugs in China, Chinese patients must be included in your clinical trials.

The group seeks partnering opportunities with Western pharmaceutical companies that:

  • have pharmaceutical drugs that have never been sold in China
  • want to enter the Chinese market
  • have no sales or manufacturing in China

Our business development strategy includes in-licensing and acquisition of individual products or product portfolios. To date, we have successfully completed more than 50 in-licensing opportunities of pharmaceutical drugs. Furthermore, the group wants to become a Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH). The aim is to enter and sell pharmaceutical drugs in Europe.

Additionally, the group is seeking merger and acquisition opportunities or  equity participation of small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies.

So, please contact the Wuxi Griffin team at or use the contact form for any partnering opportunities. We look forward to start the discussion today.