Project Management

We are aware that every project at Wuxi Griffin is unique and every client has its individual needs. Our approach is to help you reach your goal by offering customized solutions to every project. Our experienced project management team is here to support you in every aspect of the project lifecycle.

We have experience in managing a wide variety of projects from working with a broad client base ranging from big pharmaceuticals to smaller specialty pharmaceuticals. As a result, we put great emphasis on effective communication in order to make accurate and timely decisions.  In addition, by listening to your needs we are also able to tailor solutions to your individual project.

With every project, we offer a project planning and management process that include an assignment of a professional team, communication coordination, an action plan and time plan, program tracking as well as continuous regulatory support. Our aim is simply to take care of your project with minimal confusion and maximum productivity and to promised results.

We will assist you in your project from start to finish. Whether you start from formulation, clinical manufacturing or commercial manufacturing we are here for you.