Compliance to global GMP regulations

Wuxi Griffin is up to date with the compliance regulations in global GMP. Our management has experience in applying Chinese regulations but also in incorporating EU and US compliance regulations. We have a stringent quality control process in place to ensure we supply products that are safe and effective. This will further instill trust and confidence among our customers. As a result, we work with the utmost care for your products. We believe our responsibility does not end with our customers but our customers’ end users.

With profound knowledge in compliance with global GMP regulations we help you minimize risks in your fill and finish projects with us. Our highly skilled team keeps up to date with changes in regulations and take immediate appropriate actions accordingly. We guide you through the regulatory maze and help you execute your project with continuous support and careful planning. We are here to ensure your project is completed as smoothly as possible with minimal obstacles and with great success. Contact us today to see how Wuxi Griffin can assist you in your high valued fill and finish project.